Featuring Pasture Raised Stress-Free White Dorper Sheep
and "The Happiest Hens in the Helderbergs!"
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Schenectady Greenmarket

 The Capital District's BEST Winter Market!

We are so proud to be chosen to sell our lamb here! We will be there every Sunday between 10am and 2pm.

432 State St, Schenectady, NY 12305

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Delmar Farmer Market

 The Capital District's most selective Farmers Market.

We are so proud to sell our lamb there to local connoisseurs of high quality slow food. We love preordered lamb and will bring to the market for pickup!


332  Kenwood Ave

Delmar, NY 12054

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Honest Weight Food Co-op

Their Food Purchasing policy takes into account moral and ethical production, environmental stewardship, healthy living, and safety. Our farm has been inspected by management.

Two Rock Ranch Logo

Our Farm

Due to COVID-19 we are unable to offer farm tours; however, we offer free local contactless delivery.  Please call for details!

78 Turner Road

Berne, NY 12023

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Home Delivery with a smile!

Home Delivery with a smile. We deliver orders over $100 to your door without a delivery charge.


We believe in social distancing!

e~Gift Cards!

Order a gift card and please the lamb-connoisseur

in your life!

Organic Vegetables

Engel's Acres

 Engel’s Acres is a small scale, family owned and operated farm and market!

445 Brunswick Road Troy, NY 12180

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Field Goods

Enjoy the tastes of each season with healthy food, lovingly sourced from small community farms. Ours was

chosen to highlight our ground and stew lamb meat.

Add our ethically-raised lamb to your next order!

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Our Farm

Every day we farm with passion! Our animals' happiness and comfort is our number one priority.



We started on a small dusty 5 acre farm in Petaluma, California. One day our roommate at the time, Nia, said that George Lucas had 5 pet sheep that he wanted to find a good home for them. Since we had some spare space and some weeds we thought that they would be a great addition. A few weeks later we were asked if we wanted a "couple" more. A "couple" turned out to be 55 and we were suddenly shepherds. We quickly sought out sheep mentors and began birthing out lambs.  I realized that I had an intense love of sheep and... the rest is history!

We moved to New York in 2013 with our sheep to begin farming on a more serious level. This included heavily investing in top Registered Purebred White Dorper Breeding Stock from all over the US and are currently the only Registered White Dorper Breeders in New York. We take great pride in the fact that we brought home First Place in Fall Ewe Lambs at the Big E in 2019. Our first show experience ever... beating out some of the top breeders in the US! 

Our 56 acre farm in the Helderberg mountains is over 3 hours away from our beloved ocean,

but provides a more beautiful, grass-filled setting in which to raise our sheep. 

Our lush pastures and our Artesian spring provide the perfect nutrients for all of our livestock and a calm, stress-free environment to grow and thrive! Our pastures are now home to over 150 White Dorper sheep and our ewes raise over 100 lambs per year. 

In line with our values, we partner with the Natural Resources Conservation Services and also Albany County Soil and Water to conserve our property. This included installing a rotational grazing system, a new well, watering systems, and placing some of our acreage into permanent conservation to provide nesting grounds and a safe habitat for birds and other wildlife.

We are participants in NYSSGHAP (New York State Sheep/ Goat Health Assurance Program) which looks to increase the herd's/flock’s health, productivity, assure food safety, public health, and consumer confidence in animal agriculture, and promote environmental stewardship. We also practice proper SCRAPIE prevention and tagging. We have a dedicated farm vet on call 24/7.

Our farm is also part of the Agricultural Environmental Management in order to protect and enhance our farm's environment while maintaining the viability of agriculture in New York State.


This finally brings us to our New York Grown and Certified Status and we are proud that we are the first sheep farm in New York State to be Grown and Certified!

We were proud and honored to be selected to host host Cornell Cooperative Extension's "Family Farm Day"  in September 2019 featuring many educational hands-on events for over 1,100 people in attendance... some traveled as far as New York City and Vermont!


We are also proud to be in New York and to raise premium lamb and eggs! 


Hilltown Farm and Artisan Tour, Sept. 15/16, 2018



Emily Vincent

Owner, Operator



78 Turner Road

Berne, NY 12023



Weekly: Appointment via phone or email

Farmer's Market and RoadStands:

Saturdays at Delmar  Farmer's Market (Spring/Summer/Fall)

Sundays at the Schenectady Farmer's Market at Proctors

Engel's Acres in Troy, NY


© 2018 by Emily Vincent