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Finding Inspiration in World-Class Breedings

So it is time to add genetics to your existing flock or start your own! Now is the time to get started in White Dorpers! This breed is known for its hardiness, mothering ability, quick weight gain, the ability to breed any time of the year, and the ability to thrive on pastures! 

Last Year's Two Rock Ranch Public Purchases:

2022 Two Rock Ranch Fall Frenzy On-Line Sale: Average/ head $4200.  (8 sheep)

Top ewe lamb of 2022: $10,500 Yucca Lily Offspring sold to Bill and Diane Moy of California.

You CAN buy cheaper sheep elsewhere, but offspring from a $500 sheep is worth (at the most) $500. You get what you pay for in the breeding arena. We have sourced our genetics from all over the world and have the very last of the WORLD FAMOUS YUCCA LILY LINE. If you are serious about breeding White Dorpers, our breeding stock is the right stock option!



Contact us for more details on pricing.

We have Fullblood and Purebred options and maintain a waiting list.

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