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We use the strictest criteria to keep only the best for breeding. We would love to help you select the perfect ram for your flock! You can use our rams to breed up to purebred White Dorpers or just add more bulk to your existing flock. We sell many registered rams to mixed-breed solar flocks to produce progeny with faster weight gains. (Pictured: "Bonecrusher" RR  RF071170 2 Time National Champion at NAILE in 2012 and 2013)



Ewes are 50% of your flock! Start with a great ewe with strong maternal instincts and proven weight gain! We use Flock54℠ which is a targeted genotyping panel that allows producers to test their flock’s DNA for traits associated with disease, production and meat quality. Our breeding ewes are the life force of our farm!



Starting a flock? Why spend money buying a registered flock? I spent the years developing my breeding stock so that you don't have to start at Square One. While we prefer to sell ewe lambs, sometimes we have a set of yearlings for sale! Please ask us and we can customise

a new flock for the aspiring breeder. We can also source sheep from reputable breeders whom we trust across the US. 

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